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Introduction from a Pro Poker Player Wayne.

Professional Poker Player Wayne attempts to give a greater understanding from the psychological side of the poker life. Let him introduce himself:

"My name is Wayne and I am a professional poker player. Hopefully my journal will give any budding poker players out there who are thinking of turning pro a greater understanding from the psychological side of the poker life and take you on the up and down struggle the a poker pro goes through on a day-to-day, month-to-month and a year-to-year basis."

"I thought it appropriate to track some of my activity as a player. The portion I will use would relate to my online player activity and should relate to a larger scale audience. Should I come across an interesting offline event I plan to throw in a few B&M (Brick and Mortar) plays every now and then."

Right, so let's get down to the heart of the matter and kick off with one of the most fundamental aspects that any poker player should be working at, its called 'Building a bankroll'. No this isn't a poker lesson but being a pro your so called 'Bankroll' is ultimately your only source of income unless you have the likes of James Woods or Ben Affleck who manage to act in a Hollywood block buster hit every now and then to refurbish the few millions they just lost in the last week's play at some dingy, downtown poker joint where they chased an open ended draw and amazingly (against all odds) caught it only to loose to some rich Asian businessman who slow played his Jacksfull (fullhouse)."

"So I'll start of my bankroll with $100 and slowly build it up by playing and snaking my way through a couple of online poker rooms. Keeping you updated on my progress as well as my more interesting characters, pots, and plays I come across on my journey."

"My first stop will be at Royal Vegas Poker. This is an online room that belongs to a network called Prima. I will in time be making my way through all the rooms on this network an hopefully be able educate all of my readers as to the pros and cons I find at each of these rooms."

"But for now I'm off to the Grand to take on the old timers who seem to hang around those $1/$2 tables all day and don't like anybody to upset their game."

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