Let It Ride Strategy 

The Rules

let it ride poker Let It Ride Poker (or Let 'em Ride) is a poker game of skill and luck where everyone plays against the dealer, and not against each other. The goal of the game is to obtain the highest poker hand (containing at least a pair of tens) while keeping the maximum bet on the table. Players compose hand from their three cards dealt and two community cards.

Let It Ride Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards that is shuffled after each hand. A player begins each hand by placing an Ante on the table which consists of three identical bets. Cryptologic online casinos offer an option to place extra $1 bet to qualify for the bonus (see Bonus Payoff Table below). This game is played and programmed according to Atlantic City Poker rules. Microgaming online casinos offer their own version of Let It Ride - progressive Poker Ride that has additional (optional) $1 bonus bet for a chance to win a progressive jackpot starting at $50,000. You should hit Royal Flush to get 100% of the jackpot or Straight Flush for 10% of the progressive.

On the next step six cards are dealt in total. The first 3 cards are dealt to the player (face up) and the next 3 cards are placed in front of the dealer (face down). Now the player may choose to withdraw the original bet (Pull Bet) or keep it on the table (Let It Ride). The dealer then discards the fourth card and turns over the fifth card and the player must decide whether to Let It Ride or to Pull the second bet after which the dealer finally turns over the sixth card and the hand is scored.

The player should have at least a pair of tens to win, and the final payoff depends on the quality of the player's hand. Players can win extra bonus on top of their payouts if they place the additional $1 bet by drawing at least Three of a Kind or higher hand.

Payoffs table for the final player's hands. This is the standard pay table that you can find in most of the online and land-based casinos:

Player's Hand Payoff
One Pair - Tens or Better 1 to 1
Two Pairs 2 to 1
Three of a Kind 3 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Flush 8 to 1
Full House 11 to 1
Four of a Kind 50 to 1
Straight Flush 200 to 1
Royal Flush 1000 to 1

Bonus Payoffs table for the final player's hands for Cryptologic Let It Ride poker game (if the player placed additional $1 bonus bet):

Player's Hand Bonus Payoff
Three of a Kind $5
Straight $25
Flush $50
Full House $200
Four of a Kind $400
Straight Flush $3,000
Royal Flush $30,000

Let It Ride Poker Strategy

The following strategy is optimal for the basic rules and standard payoff table. The strategy allows you to decrease the house edge to approximately 3.5%.
With you first three cards you should "Let It Ride" if you have:

  • A Pair of Tens or better hand (Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, etc.)
  • Any three cards to a Royal Flush
  • Three card Straight Flush or Inside Straight Flush with at least one high card
  • Three card Double Inside Straight Flush with at least two high cards (Ten or better)
  • Queen-Jack-Ten combination
With you first four cards you should "Let It Ride" if you have:
  • A Pair of Tens or better hand
  • Any four cards to a Flush, Straight Flush or Royal Flush
  • Any four card Outside Straight
  • Four High Cards (Tens or better)

Inside Straight means that one (or two) of the "inside" cards is missing, for example 3-4-5-7. Outside Straight is a combination where "outside" card(s) is(are) missed, for example 3-4-5-6.


You can play Let It Ride poker games with the best odds at the following trusted casinos:
  • 777 Casino (multiple software)
  • Spin Casino (Microgaming software, 2 game versions including progressive Poker Ride).