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What's Important In Winning Poker - Part 2 Of The Lou Krieger's Article.

Lou Krieger It's also apparent that some overall structure seems to be missing from many players' games. After all, some elements are much more important than others, and strategic, mathematical, and theoretical knowledge are just pieces of a larger pie. Usable knowledge has to be organized so that it's accessible - and readily available when needed. Just imagine a dictionary with all the definitions arranged randomly. While it would contain all the definitions it's useless without structure. There's no scheme of things. The only way to look things up would involve scanning each page until you eventually found what you needed.

Everything requires a foundation. Only with a foundation firmly in place can you proceed to build on it, and that's the purpose of this series of articles: to put first things first.

To play winning poker, you need a plan to learn the game. Call it a game plan or a study plan. While the school of hard knocks might have sufficed as the educational institution of choice twenty or thirty years ago, most of today's good poker players have added a solid grounding in poker theory to their over-the-table experiences. "What's the best way to learn poker theory?" you might logically ask. "It's not like there's a college around the corner offering a major in poker." Until the late 1970s there wasn't much reliable information available to those aspiring to poker expertise. Most early poker literature was fundamentally incorrect. But things are different now, and there's no shortage of learning materials from which to choose. Today's problem is selecting the right materials, and this requires sifting through stacks of books, computerized poker software, and videos that have been produced over the past fifteen years — each new product, of course, claiming primacy.

Author: Lou Krieger
Lou Krieger is the host of Royal Vegas Poker and co-author of "Poker for Dummies" and 6 other best-selling poker books, and author of over 400 articles in Card Player and other poker magazines.

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