Want to be famous? Be the TOURNAMENT LEADER!!

Who do you think are the poker aces at PartyPoker.com?

Allow us to answer that question for you. We have created a unique point system for our tournament leader board that will tell you who is in the lead and the number of points they have earned by winning tournaments at PartyPoker.com. And if you happen to be one of the leaders we have special rewards waiting for you.

The game of poker is an art and if you have mastered it at PartyPoker.com, we want to proudly share your achievement with all our online poker buffs. This is PartyPoker's way of congratulating our best tournament players and letting the poker community at PartyPoker.com know about it.
That's not all; the weekly leader gets a personal page for himself at PartyPoker.com and a chance to challenge other leaders on a heads up tournament worth $1000.

The Leader Board points would be awarded as per the following formula and only to the top 20% of the field in a tournament.

Formula = 15* {SQRT (SQRT (B))*(N-6)/R}

    Where 15 = Base Points
    B= Buy-In of a tournament
    N=Total No. of players in a tournament
    R=Rank of the player in a Tournament.

For Example:

Robert plays in a $100 + $9 Multi-Table tournament and finishes in the 10th place out of a field of 300 players.

Leader Board Points would be awarded as follows.

15: Base Points
B: $100 (Buy-in)
N: 300 (no of players)
R: 10 (rank of Robert)

Formula = 15* {SQRT (SQRT (100))*294/10}

    15 * {SQRT (294)}
    Leader Board points awarded = 257.2

If Robert finishes in the 61st position then he would not get any leader board points as the points are awarded to top 20% of the field only.

The Leader Board Points would be updated once a day at 6:00 AM ET and these rankings would be displayed in a Weekly and Monthly Leader board Format. See the top tournament players in the weekly format:

Rank Player Points
1 SurreyBoss 2148.0
2 YankeeFanPA 1407.0
3 jaysonmir 1308.0
4 wisefool2000 1299.0
5 sally60 1260.0
6 ONAGER 1244.0
7 Btheball 1228.0
8 TipsyJoker 1217.0
9 markw30 1153.0
10 PokerPoopy 1142.0
11 trashton 1110.0
12 Rambo5 1096.0
13 JEFFRAY 1093.0
14 Sugarloaf20 1085.0
15 FIBBY 1075.0
15 existo 1075.0
17 Tumby 1064.0
18 IndyEric 1049.0
19 Blue_Lipton 1042.0
20 BJCAS 1023.0

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