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Party, Party, Party! Player Andrew C. Wins $12,190 Playing SupaJax At Platinum Play Casino.

Andrew C Online casino gambler Andrew C. won $12,190.40 progressive jackpot playing SupaJax Video Poker at Platinum Play online casino on March 2, 2004. "In my spare time I do lots of stuff. At the moment though, it usually consists of: party, party and more party! I can certainly do that now!" said the winner. SupaJax is a Microgaming Video Poker game based on Jacks Or Better and offers you a chance to win a progressive jackpot starting at $5,000. The recent winner Andrew C answered the following questions of a Jackpot Madness manager:

What was your initial reaction to your big win?
It was funny actually! I'd been out with a group of friends for quite a big night on Sunday night. In fact I got home around 3am Monday afternoon! I slept until around midnight, got up, and went down to eat at Sydney's famous Harry's Café de Wheels. I got home round 2am and slept till midday. I woke up, had a drink and decided to have a quiet bet with my new Platinum Play account, which was only about 1 week old. About ten minutes later I was running around like a headless chicken because I'd won the SupaJax jackpot. What a great way to start the day!

How do you plan on spending your winnings?
I'm going to pay off all my bills and go on a vacation later this year. I'm stoked!

What advice do you have for others?
The best piece of advice going around at the moment is: it is bad luck to be superstitious.

What is your dream holiday destination?
Dream holiday destination? Well that would be anywhere at all as long as I had a certain person with me...she knows who she is!

What 3 things would you take with you on a deserted island?
Three things I'd take with me on a deserted island? Easy! I would take: that same person, an endless bottle of champagne, and as much as she'd hate it - a laptop with a wireless modem. I can still contact everyone and sneak in a punt every now and then!

Source: Jackpot Madness

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