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Another Big Bad Beat Jackpot Win And Winner Story From Absolute Poker.

AP bad beat tables A bad beat never felt so good as another Absolute Poker's player CHAAWUU won over $100,000 as fourth Bad Beat jackpot hit in the history of the poker room. The jackpot has just introduced a bit more then a week ago and has already been hit 4 times.

They say the sting of a bad beat fades over time. CHAAWUU, however, hopes the memory of his bad beat lives on forever. On July 3rd, 2007, CHAAWUU lost quad tens to a straight flush at Absolute Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot tables, hitting the fourth and biggest ever jackpot thus winning $104,050.68 in cash for his bad beat.

Those playing at the table where the bad beat occurred also split an additional $104,000 (50% of the prize pool). The winner of the hand took home about $52,000 and the rest players shared in extra 52 grands just for seating at the table at the right time!

How are online poker players winning these large amounts of cash with losing hands? By playing Absolute Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot - a new variation of Texas Hold'em that turns the tables on bad beats.

The room collects $0.50 from the pot of each raked hand on the Bad Beat tables. The poker jackpot will keep growing until someone hits an unbelievable bad beat and lose a hand holding four eights (8888) or a anything better. In this case your luck couldn't be better as the players will be awarded with 70% of the progressive jackpot (20% goes to the next jackpot, 10% is taken for administration). The loser of the hand (the bad beat victim) will take 50% of the prize money, 25% go to the winner of he hand and the remaining 25% will be distributed among the other active players on the Bad Beat table.

Here is the feature Bad Beat story of one of the Absolute Poker player:

"My worst bad beat came online. I had pocket 10's and i raised 3 times the blind preflop and I had one caller. The flop came out 2, 10, 10. After checking my pants, all I was thinking was how I was going to extract the most chips from the poor sucker who was still in the hand (by the way I put him on a higher pocket pair than mine). So I checked with my monster hand and just like I thought he would, he bet the pot. Perfect."

'I smooth called the sucker and the turn brings a jack. All I was thinking now is I hope he has pocket jacks. I check again and he moves all-in." continued the author.

"After checking my pants one more time, I quickly call cause now I put him on pocket jacks. Cards are turned over and I'm not surprised that he has pocket jacks. By now, the pot is up to about 340.00 dollars."

"Without saying much more, I'm sure you can guess what happened next, lucky bastard! All i wanted to do after that was throw my computer out the window and into the street where it could get crushed like John Bobbitt's pecker."

Losing a huge pot holding quad kings never makes for a good day. But don't pull your hair out Absolute Poker has been gathering the craziest Bad Beat stories from its players to share with you. Send your own stories to badbeat @ current Bad Beat progressive jackpot values and more winner stories can be found at the Absolute Poker room's website below.

Source: Absolute Poker

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