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Players' Rewards Club At Playboy Gaming Online Poker Room.

PlayboyGaming's Rewards Club is the place where you can trade in your Bunny Money earned via your gameplay for money can't buy experiences...

How does partying with Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends or lunching with Playmates at the Mansion sound? Well by joining up to the "PlayboyGaming Rewards Club" you are half way there to earning your key to the mansion and to start living the lifestyle.

It's simple to do, if you are a player with Playboy Gaming you have already started earning Bunny Money which is the currency required to reap the rewards on offer in our Rewards Club. To find out how much Bunny Money you have just log into the Rewards Club by following the simple instructions on the Playboy Gaming website (click the logo above).

NB: You will only be able to see how much you have earned after the 25th of the first month you have joined.

If you are new to Playboy Gaming and have not got an account their, you need to register a Playboy Gaming Poker account and wait 24 hrs before you will be able to log into the Rewards Club. Remember the more you play the more Bunny Money you earn, getting you one step closer to the exclusive parties and experiences on offer.. New players can claim $100 welcome bonus with their first deposit.

What Can I trade my Bunny Money for?
Bunny Money can be traded in for a number of fantastic rewards/experiences from a simple pack of sexy playing cards to the ultimate of partying with Hef at the Mansion! To see a full list of rewards/experiences including updates go to the Rewards Club now.

Earning Bunny Money couldn't be easier!
One (1.00) Unit of Bunny Money is earned by playing a hand in which the rake reaches 1 unit ($/£/€). One-Quarter (0.25) of a Bunny Money unit is earned by playing a hand in which the rake reaches 0.25 units, but is below 1 unit.

When do I receive my Bunny Money?
On the 25th of each month you will be notified of the amount of Bunny Money earned from your previous months play. These will be ready for you to use from that date. The first set of Bunny Money will be awarded on February 25th and will include all your Bunny Money earned in January and up to and including February 24th. Thereafter the points will be awarded on the 25th of each month.

How long is my Bunny Money valid for?
Any Bunny Money you earn will be carried over each month until you decide to trade it in for a reward or experience and will be valid whilst you are a player with us. However if you do not play for a consecutive 90 days you will have your Bunny Money removed from your account.

How Do I keep track of my Bunny Money?
  • Logging in to the online shop (24 hours after registering an account)
  • Email communication
  • Desktop Alerts

Source: Playboy Gaming

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