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Caribbean Stud Poker History By Caribbean Gold Online Casino.

As a variation of Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker has a history that is filled with mystery, oddities and fiction. It's not really surprising considering that Poker itself has a bizarre and clouded history. The word poker comes form the French word 'poque', which means to knock.

There are those that believe that poker started with a 19th century Persian card game. The one indisputable fact is that poker was brought to America by French explorers, most likely in Louisiana, as that's where the poker boom initially started in America, but New Orleans was also a center of gambling and it was not too long before it spread all over America, mainly through the riverboats of the Mississippi. As for Caribbean Stud Poker, it seems that it most likely came from the tropical island of Aruba. A popular tourist destination off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba has a very small population of only about 100,000. Essentially Caribbean Stud Poker was formed from the rules of five-card stud poker. The main difference is that the players bet against the house instead of against other players.

Caribbean Stud poker earned a reputation for itself in 1988, when several mainstream hotel and casino chains imported it into their venues and marketed it as a new and dynamic version of poker. During this time the game spread all over the Caribbean, infecting one vacation spot after the other, until finally making its way aboard cruise ships. Since then the game has totally taken off and has become just as common as Texas hold' em or any other poker variant. Nowadays just about every casino you walk into will have a huge section devoted to stud poker tables.

At Caribbean Gold online casino, Caribbean Stud poker has taken a step up in excitement and novelty with the addition of a progressive playing option. Progressive Stud poker gives you the potential of winning a whole lot more money then you ever could with traditional Caribbean Stud poker. Caribbean Gold Casino delivers a Stud poker game that rivals that of any land based casino out there.

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