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WSOP Free Roll tournament series for all Royal Vegas Poker.
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October 24, 2003. Win a free seat at WSOP Tournament 2004 (valued at $12,000) AND $5,000 at Royal Vegas Poker. Play for the big one - a seat at the World Series of Poker AND $5,000, all courtesy of our poker clients!! This is a special tournament series, offering you multiple ways to enter the Final.

What you need to know:

  • Players who play less than 200 raked hands during November, but have made their first purchase between October 17th and November 30th are immediately eligible for the super satellite event, our ENTRY EVENT on December 2nd. The top 50 in the event go through to the Semi-Final event.
  • Players who play 200 raked hands during November, are immediately eligible for the Semi-Final event on December 4th. The top 100 from the semi-final will go into the Final.
  • The top 100 players for November, who have played over 200 raked hands, will go directly into the Final. The 200-player final, on December 6th, will play for a seat at the World Series of Poker AND $5,000 in guaranteed cash prizes.

Tournament Dates:

  • Entry Event: December 2nd
  • Semi-Final: December 4th
  • Final: December 6th

Tournament Times: 11pm EST
Tournament Type: Multi-table
Limit Type: Fixed Limit
Game Type: Texas Hold'em
Fee Structure: Free Roll

Prize: WSOP Seat (valued at $12,000 - incl. Seat, flights, hotel accommodation and $500 spending money) + $5,000 * $1,000 for Flights + $500 for spending money will be deposited as Poker credits into the Poker account

Other Tournaments:

1)  $100,000 Halloween tournament.

2)  $7,000 Daily tournament.

There's always great tournament action on the go, any day of the week - and how could you say no to a $7,000 prize pool up for grabs!? Get your daily dose: buy-in at $25+$2 to play for $7,000 in prizes. The $7,000 Daily Tournament runs at 9pm EST every day until October 30. This tournament's prize structure is dependant on the number of entrants on any given day.

3) $2,000 Free Roll tournament.
Come and try your skills every night in October and enter our nightly $2,000 FreeRoll tournament - no fee just play 50 raked hands in the previous 24 hours. Perfect your Hold'Em tournament skills this October - in our nightly $2,000 FreeRoll! The $2,000 FreeRoll tournament runs every night in October at 1am EST. To be eligible to play in these daily freeroll tournaments, players must have played at least 50 raked hands in the previous 24-hour period. Note: This requirement may be increased during the course of the month. Prizes: $600 (1st place), $400, $240, $200, $160,...

4)  $10,000 Loyalty tournament.
If you're a regular player, this is our way of thanking you. You could freeroll your way to $10,000 in guaranteed cash prizes - just by playing your favourite games! Just play a minimum of 200 raked hands during October, and you'll be eligible to enter. But don't stop there - play more raked hands and get to the top of the leaderboard, and you could instantly qualify for a direct entry into the Final tournament.

SEMI-FINAL EVENT November 3, 9pm EST

Play 200 raked hands in October to qualify.

Top 100 semi-finalists will go through to the Final.
November 5, 9pm EST

Top 150 players (by raked hands in October)
+ Top 100 from Semi-Final. (250 players total).

$10,000 guaranteed prizes (see Prize Schedule).

Prizes: 20 winners, first 3 receive: $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000, correspondingly.

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