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Poker is an old game, originating way back in the 16th century, on river boats amongst outlaws and thieves, that now turned out to be the longest lasting and most popular invention in the online gambling world. Today no respected online casinos dare prevent the pleasures and excitements of this ultimate casino game from its players. Poker is on the rise at the online casinos and poker websites with the invention of different versions of this popular game.

In fact, Poker is more than a gambling game, it is considered to be a form of sport and it has a dominated element of skill. With over 50 million hooked in the US, a rough estimate of one in five Americans play poker. Just imagine how many do it through the more reclusive form of online casino. You can find multi-hand variations of video poker with up to 100 hands played simultaneously or caribbean poker with a progressive jackpot.

Online casinos and poker card rooms offer daily and monthly tournaments with hefty cash prizes. More recent developments allow the online casino gamblers to play poker not only with a live dealer presented on their screen but also with other gamblers from all over the world. This exciting prospect allows people from different places to congregate online around one poker table. Read more about poker and other online casino games below.

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