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Added June 2007:


Winner Age Poker Game Amount Date Country Poker Room
Michael Gracz 24 Party Poker Million IV - Limit Hold'em $1,500,000 March 24 2005 USA Party Poker
David Minto 54 Party Poker Million IV - Limit Hold'em $1,000,000 March 24 2005 USA Party Poker
Erick Lindgren 27 Party Poker Million III - Limit Hold'em $1,000,000 March 20 2004 USA Party Poker
Mathew Cherachal   Party Poker Million IV - Limit Hold'em  $700,000 March 24 2005 USA Party Poker

Comments: PartyPoker.com Million IV Tournament was the biggest online in WPT history. 735 world’s best online poker players and pros met aboard a luxury cruise ship in the Pacific to do battle for a $7.4 million prize pool. Michael Gracz, a 24-year-old finance graduate from North Carolina, won $1,5 Million first prize and the championship title.

Party Poker.com Million IV Terms and Information

The PartyPoker.com Million IV is already underway, with an estimated prize pool of $6 Million!
The qualifying tournaments consist of Single-table $32 ($29+$3) buy-in 'PartyPoker Million' tournaments.

PartyPoker.com is proud to bring you the fourth annual PartyPoker.com Million. Qualifying for this World Poker Tour event has been on since March 1, 2004. The Finals will be held in March 2005 and the estimated prize pool is $6,000,000! The PartyPoker.com Million IV(which took place March 13-20, 2004) was the biggest ever WPT event with a prize pool of $3,822,000!


  1. The qualifying tournaments consist of Single-table $32 ($29+$3) buy-in ‘PartyPoker Million’ tournaments.
  2. Seating at the qualifying tournaments is on a first-come, first-served basis. The tournament starts within seconds of 10 players being seated.
  3. Win your table and advance to the Semi-finals. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers get a FREE entry into another $32 buy-in ‘PartyPoker Million’ tournament.
  4. You may play as many PartyPoker Million tournaments as you like and may qualify and play in up to twenty four (24) Semi-final tournaments, four (4) in each of the six sets of Semi-finals.
  5. Misbehavior, collusion, and/or abuse of chat or disconnect protection privileges will not be tolerated. Violators are subject to a range of penalties, up to and including disqualification.


  1. The Semi-finals will be Limit Hold'em.
  2. Seating will be randomly assigned.
  3. Semi-finals Schedule
    Semi-finals Schedule for PartyPoker.com Million IV
      Date Day Time
    1st Set of Semi-finals May 6th 2004 Thursday 9 pm ET
      May 7th 2004 Friday 9 pm ET
      May 8th 2004 Saturday 3 pm ET
      May 9th 2004 Sunday 3 pm ET
    2nd Set of Semi-finals July 8th 2004 Thursday 9 pm ET
      July 9th 2004 Friday 9 pm ET
      July 10th 2004 Saturday 3 pm ET
      July 11th 2004 Sunday 3 pm ET
    3rd Set of Semi-finals September 2nd 2004 Thursday 9 pm ET
      September 3rd 2004 Friday 9 pm ET
      September 4th 2004 Saturday 3 pm ET
      September 5th 2004 Sunday 3 pm ET
    4th Set of Semi-finals November 4th 2004 Thursday 9 pm ET
      November 5th 2004 Friday 9 pm ET
      November 6th 2004 Saturday 3 pm ET
      November 7th 2004 Sunday 3 pm ET
    5th Set of Semi-finals January 6th 2005 Thursday 9 pm ET
      January 7th 2005 Friday 9 pm ET
      January 8th 2005 Saturday 3 pm ET
      January 9th 2005 Sunday 3 pm ET
    Last Set of Semi-finals February 3rd 2005 Thursday 9 pm ET
      February 4th 2005 Friday 9 pm ET
      February 5th 2005 Saturday 3 pm ET
      February 6th 2005 Sunday 3 pm ET


  4. You are requested to take your seat before the tournament starts. If you are not there when the tournament starts, you will be blinded off.
  5. Players may select their day(s) of play and how they wish to distribute their Extra Starting Chips by clicking on “News and Events” menu and selecting “Semi-final Calendar” option in the PartyPoker.com lobby. Players will receive a mail confirming the selection of their day(s) of play and the number of chips they will start with in each Semi-final.
  6. The deadline to select a day of play and distribute your Extra Starting Chips for that day of the Semi-final is 12 hours prior to the start of the tournament (if the tournament starts at 9 pm ET 6th May then registrations for that day will close at 9 am ET 6th May).
  7. Extra Starting Chips: Players may accrue Extra Starting Chips for the Semi-finals by playing in Real Money games/tournaments on PartyPoker.com. To see how many Extra Starting Chips you have accrued, login to My Account section and click Extra Starting Chips.
  8. Players will start each Semi-final tournament with a base amount of $1000 in chips and not more than $3000, depending on the Extra Starting Chips each player has accumulated during the qualification period.
  9. Extra Starting Chips for each set of Semi-finals can only be accrued during the two calendar months prior to the next scheduled date of the Semi-finals. For example, Extra Starting Chips for the Semi-finals scheduled for May 6-9 will be accrued during the period March 1 through April 30. The Extra Starting Chips have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash or anything else. They are only valid for the Semi-final immediately following the period during which chips are accumulated.
  10. The Semi-finals will have the Multi-table tournament format. With the exceptions noted here (such as length of time per Level and Prize Distribution), the standard Multi-table tournament rules and procedures will apply.
  11. The Semi-finals will work like a Super Satellite in that as many players as possible will win a seat into the Finals. Package value of winning a Semi-final tournament = $12,600.12. For every entry, $210 will be in the prize pool. For every 60 entries, one seat (i.e., "Cruise Package" - which includes a cruise for two and a paid entry into the Finals) will be awarded. Any remaining monies will be paid to the next three highest finishers on a 50%, 30%, 20% ratio.
  12. Players cannot sell or transfer their Cruise Packages to anyone. Those who win only one Finals entry is required to play the Finals of the PartyPoker.com Million IV. PartyPoker.com will pay $12,600 for any additional PartyPoker.com Million IV Finals wins. The funds will be credited to the player’s accounts within two days of the win.
  13. There are no Tournament Entry refunds for those unable to make it on the cruise.
  14. Structure: Limits will begin at $15/30 (Level 1).
  15. Time of Play: Levels 1-9 will consist of 20 minutes each. Levels 10- 26 will consist of 30 minutes each. Play will continue at Level 26 (if it goes that far) until the conclusion of the tournament.
  16. Breaks: There will be a five (5) minute break after each hour of play.
  17. If two or more players for the same or different table go out on the same hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will get the higher finishing position.
  18. There will be no deals sanctioned by PartyPoker.com in the Semi-finals. Anyone violating the "no deal" policy will be subject to disqualification.
  19. Neither unethical behavior, collusion, abusive chat nor disconnect protection abuse will be tolerated. Violators are subject to a range of penalties, up to and including disqualification.
  20. All Semi-final winners will be contacted for details and copies of passport / drivers license etc. before the cruise. Anyone whose information does not match the information on records is liable to be barred from the Finals.
  21. It is the sole responsibility of the Semi-final winners to get to the ship on time.

    PartyPoker.com Million IV Finals

    The PartyPoker.com Million IV will be a televised event on the World Poker Tour (WPT).

    Players can enter the Finals of PartyPoker.com Million IV by qualifying online by winning a Semi-final.

    Estimated Prize Pool = $6,000,000!! First place = $1,200,000.

    Details of the Finals will be available here by July 31st.

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