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History Made at Absolute Poker Rooom as Bad Beat Jackpot Hits Twice in 48 Hours on Monday, June 25.

AP bad beat tables Just within one day of releasing its new Bad Beat progressive jackpot game, Absolute Poker doled out nearly $78,000.00 to five lucky Absolute Poker players after the very first jackpot was hit. And less than 48 hours later, it was déjà vu for players of the new online poker game as the jackpot bells tolled once again.

It looks like everybody likes to hit an unbelievable bad beat. The jackpot is awarded if you lose a hand holding four eights (8888) or anything better, that's a bad beat. As soon as one or more players hit a qualifying bad beat, 70% of the jackpot will be shared between everyone at the online poker table where the bad beat went down. 20% will go to fund the next progressive jackpot and 10% will go to the house as an administrative fee.

"This is proof that Absolute Poker has taken the lead in making online poker more lucrative," stated David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker online card room. "When you can lose a hand and walk away with tens of thousands of dollars, it's pretty amazing."

The first Bad Beat Jackpot was won early Saturday morning by player with the name CGA11 who lost quad tens to NEDKELLY's straight flush. In traditional Texas Hold 'em, CGA11 would have walked away from the table with nothing but a whole lot of anger. However, at a Bad Beat Jackpot table at Absolute poker, when a player loses a hand holding 4 two's (2222) or anything better, they win the largest piece of the Bad Beat progressive pot. In CGA11's case, that meant nearly $40,000 for his losing hand. And please note that all other players who were seated at the table where they bad beat occurred also shared in the B.B. jackpot!

According to the B.B. jackpot rules, the loser of the hand, ie. the bad beat victim, will take 50% of the prize (of the 70% portion of the entire jackpot). The winner of the hand will take 25% of the prize money and the rest of the players seated at the table will share the remaining 25% of the prize pool. Win at online poker even if you loose...

When you sit at the new ‘Bad Beat Jackpot' tables you can watch the jackpot grow. The house collects $0.50 from the pot of each raked hand. The poker progressive jackpot will keep growing until someone hits an unbelievable bad beat.

History repeated itself early Monday morning when MARKM3451 lost his four of a kind to WHITETAIL0's king high straight flush, losing the hand but winning nearly $13,000 by hitting the Bad Beat jackpot.

Absolute Poker is the only online poker site open to U.S. players to feature Bad Beat Jackpot tables. Absolute Poker room gives you a new way to win at online poker even when you suffer the worst bad beat. Full details on the latest addition to Absolute Poker's suite of poker games and current Bad Beat jackpot values can be found at the room's website.

Source: Absolute Poker

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