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Extreme Stack, Magic Hand and Bad Beat Jackpot Promotions and Tournaments at Doyles Room.

doyles room specials Each month Doyles poker room feature great special tournaments where online players can win multiple cash prizes. In June they offer 3 special tournaments for you to choose from.

1. Extreme Stack

Extreme Stack tournament is for extreme online poker players! These 8-seat, single table Sit & Go tournaments offer poker players plenty of intense poker action. With $2,000 in starting chips and 10-minute blind intervals, players will need to be quick on the draw to place in the money.

Payouts schedule is the following: 1st Place wins 50%, 2nd Place wins 30% and 3rd Place winner takes 20% of the prize pool.

The great chip structure and prize pool remain constant in the tournament for all buy-in levels, which start out as low as $20+$2 and top off at $1,000+$50. Extreme Stack Level Limits starts at $10/$20 and goes up to level 10 - $600/$1,200. This Level is played until a winner is crowned.

2. Bad Beat

Four of a Kind, 8's or better, is beaten. No problem, because the Bad Beat Jackpot kicks-in for a Bad Beat Payout! The "Bad Beat" and other players split 70% of the cumulative Jackpot. The rest of the BB Jackpot goes towards the next Bad Beat Jackpot and administrative fees at Doyles Room. With Bad Beat, players simply can't lose!

Progressive Bad Beat jackpot rules:
To qualify for the Jackpot:
  • The losing hand must contain Four-of-a Kind, 8's or better.
  • Four or more players must be dealt into the hand.
  • The hand must be a raked hand and the Jackpot contribution is collected from the hand.
  • The best hand of the winner and the loser must include both the hole cards, and the hand must go to a showdown.
  • The Jackpot contribution of $0.50 is only collected once during a hand. Once the rake has reached $1.00, an additional $0.50 is taken for the Bad Beat Progressive.
The Jackpot contribution is displayed as a separate rake chip stack, to the right of the normal rake chip stack, on the chip tray. The Bad Beat Jackpot applies to specified tables only. Players must be seated at one of these tables and actively participate in the hand to qualify for any payouts. Online players can qualify for the table share of the Jackpot if they were dealt into the hand but folded before the showdown. If the minimum number of players do not participate in the hand, the hand does not qualify for the progressive and the progressive rake is not taken. If there are more than two hands involved in a Bad Beat in a hand, then the two highest hands are considered for the Jackpot. In the event that 2 qualifying hands occur at the same time, the hand that is completed first is awarded the progressive Bad Beat Jackpot. Players must play their hands independently. Players cannot tell opponents what to do or to reveal their hand to other online poker players.

The percentage payout of the Jackpot is as follows:
  • 70% is distributed as winnings:
    • 50% to the losing hand, the Bad Beat
    • 25% to the winner of the hand
    • 25% evenly split between the other Players who actively participated in the hand
  • 20% is used to seed the next Jackpot
  • 10% is used for administration
3. Magic Hand

Each poker hand dealt at is assigned a number. From time to time Doyles room management picks a hand number at random in advance and declares it a Magic Hand and establishes what the prizes will be. When that magic hand is dealt, the winner of the hand wins the main prize and all other online players in the game each get a second bonus amount. Note: If you sit out you don't qualify for the Magic hand. The Magic Hand bonus of $2,500 will be awarded every 4,000,000 hands dealt.

Promotion Rules are as follows:
1. 3 people must receive cards in the hand
2. Must be a real money table
3. Must be a ring game table (Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card or 7 Card Stud)
4. Winner of the hand will get $1,250
5. All other players that received cards will have $1,250 divided equally amongst them.

Action Points
Doyles Room's Action Points system automatically rewards you while you play. Online Players accumulate their Action Points by playing in real money poker games, including single- and multi-table tournaments. Additionally, there are opportunities for you to earn Action Points that are redeemable for poker chips and poker packages.

Source: Doyles Room

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