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Kevin Connolly Joins Doyle And Mike In $25,000 Bounty Tournament At Doyles Room This Wednesday, Feb 25.

doyles bounty wednesday

Register now for the star-studded bounty hunt, as actor-director Kevin Connolly returns to the tables alongside Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro, and last week's winner, Whahappened?

DOYLE'S $25,000 BOUNTY featuring Kevin Connolly to be held on February 25th at 9:30pm ET.

Buy-in for just $27.50 and get ready to break the bank. In addition to the tournament prize pool, the room pays you $500 for each bounty player you knock out. And that's just the beginning! Take down two of their key bounties and they'll pay you $5,000. Score a trifecta by taking out their 3 key bounty players and they'll stuff your account with $25,000. There's nothing better than chatting with legends and celebrities and then knocking them out of the tournament for big cash.

Never played in Doyle's Bounty before and want to give it a test drive? No problem! All first time players get their buy-in back win or lose. You could call it a poker stimulus plan, we call it the best deal out there and it's only available on Doyles Room. Register now, space is limited to 1,500 players.

Doyles Room welcomes back Kevin Connolly, famous for his role as Eric Murphy on the HBO hit series "Entourage" and star of the new movie, "He's Just Not That Into You".

Take on Kevin, Doyle, Mike and the rest of Doyle's bounties risk-free! At the end of the tournament first time players can request a full refund on this page and the room will return every penny of your $27.50 buy-in win or lose!

No stranger to the poker table, Kevin is putting his poker skills to the test against all comers until he either gets knocked out or proves that his talents are not just on the silver screen.

What is It & How Do I Get In?
The beauty of the bounty tournament is that everyone gets a chance to take on a legend without risking a cent! Getting your full one time rebate is instant and easy, so it costs you nothing for a chance at $25,000! In order to qualify for the $5,000 or $25,000 bounty multiplier, knockouts must be Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Mike Caro or Hoyt Corkins. Any other Bounty knockout counts as $500 each.

Bounty Multiplier: It pays bigger than any other bounty tournament out there.
- Knock out 1 bounty, get $500.
- Knock out 2 and get $5,000.
- Knock out 3 and $25,000 cash is yours.

Bounty Rebate: Just like it sounds! Play in the Bounty tournament for the first time and at the end of the tournament get a full refund win or lose!

The 10/2 Challenge: Doyle Brunson won back-to-back WSOP Main Event World Championships holding the same two hole cards; the 10 and the 2. We challenge you to do the same. If you can knock Doyle Brunson out of the bounty tournament with your 10/2 hole cards, Doyles Room will give you a $1,020 bonus!

Guest Bounty: The tournament winner is invited to come back the following week and stand alongside Doyle's legends and pros. The room will buy you in and put a $500 bullseye on your back.

110% Deposit Bonus up to $550
Get a 110% bonus up to an amazing $550 free on your first deposit at Doyles Room (follow the link to download the software and claim your bonus). It's the best bonus in online poker. Doyles Room is now a part of Cake Poker Network - join over 10,000 online poker players at the tables at peak hours.

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