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Poker News: Doyles Brunson, Doyles Room, Bounty Tournament, Poker Lessons

October 25, 2008.

'Recognize a failure early and go on to the next idea' - Doyles Brunson.

doyles room

Here are some good ideas from the legendary Doyle Brunson that were taken from his blog:

The Bellagio tournament is the greatest! There is no dinner break and you can be home in bed by 10:00 pm if you choose. It is really good if you are a little long in the tooth. I had a decent 1st day and am sitting with $95,000 in chips. I could have had 50,000 more but I threw away 2 kings preflop. I was convinced the other player had two aces and couldnít believe when he showed two jacks after I passed. That is the fifth time I have passed two kings preflop in tournaments. I think this was the first time Iíve been wrong. Oh well, who knows, he might have caught a jack and really crippled me.

Iíve seen and heard about these great tables in tournaments, but this is the first one Iíve been at in a long long time. If I could have held a few hands I would have won a mountain of chips. Eli Elezra was the only player I knew at my table and three players were real action guys. It makes it a lot more fun when you know you are going to get played with every time you come into a pot. However, all three of the action guys got broke and were replaced with tough players, so I was glad when the day was over.

I donít think I mentioned that I busted my butt when I was in London for the WSOPE. I tripped over a cord that went to a TV camera and crashed right on a concrete floor. I cut my arm pretty badly and an infection set in that is giving me problems. That is the first fall Iíve taken since I started using a crutch.

I heard my picture was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. There was an article about the seizure of 141 domain names in Kentucky and DoylesRoom was one of them. Actually, just about every poker site was included and the judge ruled that the state could take the names. I doubt if the decision stands when the case goes to the appeals courts.

The Real Deal opens tonight. I canít wait!

Caddie: ďSir, you look like you are in pain - whatís wrong?Ē Daniel: ďI just hit two of my best balls..... I stepped on a rake!Ē

Remember, you can play poker online with Doyle Brunson only at DoylesRoom in Bounty Tournaments on Wednesday 9:30pm ET. Now you can Rebuy, Add-On and Register Late for the Most Unique Tournament In Poker! If you've never played the Bounty, you get a free bounty rebate the first time you play. Win or lose, you get your $27.50 buy-in back in cash!

The beauty of the bounty tournament is that everyone gets a chance to take on a legend without risking a cent. Getting your full one time rebate is instant and easy, so it costs you nothing for a chance at $25,000. It pays bigger than any other bounty tournament out there. Knock out 1 bounty, get $500, Knock out 2 and get $5,000 or Knock out 3 and $25,000 cash is yours.

Doyles Room

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