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How Aggressive is Too Aggressive? Six-Handed Online Hold'em Poker.

"It was a six-handed $15-$30 online hold'em game, and I raised from late position with pocket queens. The button made it three bets and the big blind made it four bets, capping the action." - writes Lou Krieger in his article on the Blog site. Lou Krieger is known as co-author of Poker For Dummies and author of six popular poker books and over 400 columns in Card Player Magazine. He is also a host of Royal Vegas Poker and "Expert" poker player. He continued in his blog about aggressive playing tactics of online tournament poker:

"Three rags fell and the big blind came out betting. I wasn't sure about what the guys had who three and four bet, but from the five minutes or so that I was at the table watching them play, they seemed overly aggressive, even maniacal. I called the big blind's bet on the flop. Once again the button raised and the big blind reraised. I called two additional bets, unsure of whether I was ahead or behind at that point."

"The turn was another blank, and I was busily revising my estimate of what my opponents might be holding, so when the big blind checked, I checked too. But the button bet, the big blind called and so did I. The river paired one of the baby cards on board."

"At this point I thought my queens might be good, and if they weren't, I was only beaten in one place, not two. So I bet and was called by both opponents. I turned over my queens, and pocket pairs of aces and kings I had begun to suspect my opponents might have never materialized and I won the pot."

"Another hand similar to this one developed five minutes later. This time I had a pair of jacks and won another nice pot when neither of my opponents had a bigger pair, even when a king turned." - continued Lou.

"One of these guys went broke on this hand and left the table. The other went broke about five minutes later and he left too. I realize that short handed games are much more aggressive online than in traditional casinos, but I've seldom played in a game that aggressive. Without a few good clues about just how overly aggressive these two guys were, I'd have slowed down quite a bit in the hands that I described."

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