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April 28, 2005. Two Weeks Left For Students To Claim The Hottest Ticket On Campus - The 2005 College Poker Championship. More Than 75,000 Students Compete But Only One Can Be The Champion 2005. The 2nd Annual College Poker Championship™ is coming to an end for 2005. May 8th is the final day for students from around the world to register and compete for the title of the World's Best College No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker Player. Right now, more than 25,000..

April 27, 2005. Play On Royal Vegas Poker's "Play the Experts" Tournament. Every Wednesday evening, at 8AM Eastern Time, you can play on Royal Vegas Poker's "Play the Experts" tournament with Poker Pros. It's not a large event; you can buy in for $20 and there are rebuys during the first hour and one optional add-on when the rebuy period ends. Knock any of the Experts and win $50 bounty. A $50 bounty is on the..

April 26, 2005. How Aggressive is Too Aggressive? Six-Handed Online Hold'em Poker. "It was a six-handed $15-$30 online hold'em game, and I raised from late position with pocket queens. The button made it three bets and the big blind made it four bets, capping the action." - writes Lou Krieger in his article on the Blog site. Lou Krieger is known as co-author of Poker For Dummies and author of six popular poker books..

April 25, 2005. Player on AbsolutePoker BEATS Poker Pro Mark Seif and Wins a $10,000 Seat to the World Series of Poker. Absolute Poker sees its first Mark Seif "Heads up Shoot Out' winner. Mark faces a new challenger this Friday. Costa Rica - Friday night at AbsolutePoker.com Violentfish - as his screen name appears - beat Mark Seif heads up. The online poker destination handed a $10,000 seat to Violentfish a player that came, saw and took the resident..

April 24, 2005. Moving Up: Is a 300 Big-Bet Bankroll Enough? "Is a 300 BB Bankroll Enough?" - a player posted this question to the Internet newsgroup rec.gambling.poker. His concerns were over the number of big bets your bankroll should have when moving up in limits, and he wondered whether the generally accepted 300 big-bet bankroll was sufficient. We want to publish here the answer to this..

April 22, 2005. Rose Richie's Incredible WSOP 2004 Performance. The host of Royal Vegas Poker and co-author of "Poker for Dummies" and 6 other best-selling poker books, Lou Krieger has written this article. "With the World Series of Poker fast approaching and threatening to bring more than 5,000 players to the tables, I was just sitting here thinking about Rose Richie's grand performance during the..

April 20, 2005. Absolute Poker's Player Faces off with Poker Pro Mark Seif to Win a $10,000 Seat at the World Series of Poker. Fastest Growing Online Poker Destination (Absolute Poker room) sees its first lucky "Shoot out" winner square off against resident pro Mark Seif to win a WSOP 2005 seat! Costa Rica - Online poker players interested in trying their hand at beating a pro and winning a $10,000 seat at the Richest Sporting Event in the World - the 2005 World..

April 20, 2005. $5,000 Bonus Video Poker TournaMania for just $5 at InterCasino. InterCasino's award winning $5,000 tournament will be held on Bonus Video Poker this month. But the best news is that we have slashed the entry fee for the TournaMania to a mere 5 bucks in April! A massive $3,000 is up for grabs as the first prize, there's a second prize of $1,000 and ten third prizes of $100 each! For the $5 entry fee..

April 18, 2005. Lou Krieger Resigned From Card Player Magazine. The host of Royal Vegas Poker Room and co-author of "Poker for Dummies" and the author of 6 other best-selling poker books and over 400 articles, Lou Krieger has posted his comments. "Although I've written more than 300 columns for Card Player since 1992, the time had come for me to pursue other opportunities and I submitted my..

April 11, 2005. Take Part In Royal Vegas Poker's $100,000 Freeroll. The World's LARGEST Freeroll - NO PURCHASE REQUIRED - $100,000 Free-roll at Royal Vegas Poker Room. Download Royal Vegas Poker's games and register a new account between February 1st and May 31st, 2005 to secure your entry in the $100,000 Freeroll and to get $10 free plus a 40% deposit bonus up to $100 on your first purchase. If you..

April 3, 2005. Lou Krieger is filming Vegas Virgins TV show. The host of Royal Vegas Poker and co-author of "Poker for Dummies" and other best-selling books on poker, Lou Krieger has posted this article in his blog. "I recently completed filming "Vegas Virgins," a show that will air in the U.K. late srping and in Canada this summer. It should be shown in the USA this fall. Here's the show's..

April 1, 2005. That Was An April Fools Day When Michael C. Won $31,776.64 On Jackpot Deuces. Michael C. won $31,776.64 progressive jackpot playing Jackpot Deuces on April 1, 2005 at 32Red online casino. Jackpot Deuces is a video poker game based on Wild Deuces and offering for a side bet of $1 a chance to win progressive jackpot starting at $5,000. You should hit Diamond Royal Flush to win the progressive. You can find Jackpot..

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