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The Migration Of InterPoker To The Boss Media's International Poker Network.

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We are excited to announce the details on the migration of InterPoker to the IPN network. This is scheduled to happen 17th March and will help in once again establishing InterPoker as one of the most trusted and exciting Poker rooms around. Mostof the questions or queries you have about the migration are answered below. As always if you do have any questions or queries please contact your InterPoker support manager. Below are the answers on the most important questions:

Q. Why is InterPoker migrating to Boss Media's International Poker Network?
A. We have taken on board the comments of players and with player experience being the forefront of all our goals we have realized the only way to provide this is to move to one of the biggest poker networks available. Some of the other advantages of moving to the International Poker Network will be:

  • Players will find it much easier to find their preferred game and stakes due to the higher liquidity on network.
  • Players will be able to play on their current InterPoker account without having to open a new account.
  • Players will have the chance to play in more tournaments with bigger prize pools with over €3 million in GTD tournaments on the network every month.
  • Players will have the opportunity to qualify to more live events including the Irish Poker Open.
The new client will include a number of software enhancements including the ability to multi-table up to 100 tables at once, all-in percentages etc.

Q. When will the migration take place?
A. It is scheduled for 17th March 2009. If there is any change to this date, we will contact you immediately.

Q. Will players have to register a new account?
A. Players will not need to create a new account and ECash will be fully integrated into the new software. A minority of players may be required to enter a new poker alias if it has already been taken by another player on the Boss Media network. Any players with existing funds will be able to use this balance in the new software. When a player logs in, they will be prompted to transfer money into an intermediary wallet which will allow them to bring funds to the poker tables. The migration for the player will be made clear and will be detailed step by step in a player communication to ensure the smooth transition of this for the player.

Q. What will happen on the day of migration?
A. On the day of migration, when a player launches the current client, they will be asked to download an updated version of the software similar to what has happened in the past whenever we have made updates. Prior to the day of migration, step by step instructions will be added to the InterPoker website to help guide players through the migration process.

Q. What will happen to the current MPP balances of players?
A. MPP's will not be transferable. After the launch of the new software, players will accumulate FPPs, the loyalty points system on Boss. We will be running our Home and Away Promotion which consists of three freerolls with a total value of €50,000. These freerolls are designed to clear MPP balances of players, encourage players to complete the migration process and will be used as a re-activation tool for lapsed players.

Q. Are there any other promotions planned that are designed to encourage players to complete the migration process?
A. Yes, we will be running a number of promotions. We will extend our current promotion "Boot Camp" to run all the way through March. Boot Camp is a series of tournaments where all participants qualify to a twin tournament (freeroll) with the same prizepool. All these freerolls will take place after the migration takes place, so players will have to complete the migration process and login to the new software in order to participate.

Q. What is the MPP equivalent on the new software?
A. MPP's are replaced with FPP's on the new software. One FPP is accumulated for every €0.25 in rake generated by the player. If an account has been inactive for 6 months or longer, the FPP's will expire.

Q. How will bonuses be affected in March?
A. We will run two sets of bonuses in March, one on the current Cryptologic software and one on the Boss software.

The bonuses before the migration (1st - 17th March) on the Cryptologic software will be as follows:

- Up to $200 welcome bonus for new players
- $200 reload bonuses for existing players (split into 3 codes)

The bonuses after migration (17th March onwards) on the Boss software are likely* to be the following:

- Up to $200 welcome bonus for new players
- $200 reload bonuses for existing players (split into 3 codes)

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