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Great Poker Weekend at Royal Vegas Poker by Wayne.

Poker Player Wayne attempts to give a greater understanding from the psychological side of the poker life. He wrote:

"I had a fairly good weekend at Royal Vegas Poker. It started off better than I thought as I expected the whole 'online registration process' to be a long and dreary one. Well it went by fairly quickly and I was purchasing online credits with my card. After doing a read up on these Prima guys it seemed to me that they were a pretty reputable network so I had no problem giving them my card details. After all reputable guys don't just disappear, ain't that right Mr. Ungar."

"So there I was with $100 in my 'poker bank' and ready to play. Now I'm a $2/$4 man but I decided to sit down at the $1/$2 tables with my $100. Yes I know, sitting down with my full bankroll was not the way to go but a $100 is honestly not much for me. Besides, playing online just seemed so much easier. The only tells are on the on the play and not on the body language. As a pro you should be in total confidence of your reads of your opponents at all times. The quicker you pick up tells, the better for you."

"Anyways, so I'm at the table and 3 hands later I've picked up a 'calling station' two places to the left when I end up with cowboys in the hole. I'm in late/middle position and make it expensive for the table to join (3 bet it) and as I thought calling station jumps aboard for the ride, BB and one early position player. The flop is rags and due to the size of the pot already I decide to take it right there and then. I simply push all-in and thinking the other two would fold but they don't. Both of them come with me and due to them having more chips than I do they both check down to the river where big blind fails to try and take it with big bet and gets called by the CS. Turn was a Js and the river a 10d. It just so turns out that BB had QQ and 'calling station' had JK."

"Yes, up to $304 in just a few hands. A good night and a relaxing weekend. I had made what I had set out to do for the weekend and when you're playing pro that's all that counts. I'll be back to work tonight and will set my max win at another $100. No use wishing me luck 'cause there just ain't no such thing." - said Wayne.

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