• Strategy in brief: Play medium strength and other playable hands from the later positions if you have a good chance of seeing the flop at a reasonable price. Play strong high hands most of the time, and play them very aggressively. Take all the raises you can get. Your aggressive play before the flop can add credibility to any strong play you might want to use on the next round if a garbage flop falls and you want to try a steal. If you get a lot of action with a threatening flop, fold your high pair.
  • Vary your play to confuse and bewilder the other players. If you play every hand the same way, you risk being labeled a robot by your fellow players and you won't get any respect at the poker table. Not only that, you'll have to endure all the poker articles and player remarks about how easy you are to beat in Holdem poker because you're so predictable.
  • Fast play high pairs and very strong hands before the flop. This puts more money in the early pot and encourages weak hands to fold that could get a lucky flop and beat you. Slow playing your strong hands can cost you money in the long run because other players will then know when your hand is weak.
  • Don't draw to the low end of a straight. If a 9-8-7 flops, you want to be playing the J-10 and not the 6-5. The low part is commonly called the ignorant end.
  • Watch out for uniform flops, like 9-8-7, they can easily turn into straights that can overtake your high pair or other good hand.
  • Don't expect unconnected Medium and Low Cards will play for you. This includes suited cards that can't flop a straight and both ends of a straight.
  • Study your opponents, especially when you are not playing hands and can pay careful attention. Do they find more hands to play than they fold? Do they bluff? Can they be bluffed? Do they have any tells that disclose information about their hands?

See Texas Hold'Em Strategy

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