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Slotland Casino Player Becomes $69,689 Richer By Winning Jacks Or Better Progressive Jackpot.

Large Jacks Or Better progressive jackpot won at Slotland in April by the player who already won random monthly draw. One of the casino's latest jackpot winner, FACTOROF2, from Wisconsin has been a loyal player with Slotland for almost two years. This player has participated in most of $5,000 random monthly draws, but was never fortunate enough to win it until last month. This month, he took the plunge, and deposited a full $200 during our promotional weekend in the hopes that FOUR tickets to our draw would give him at least $300. His luck was with him, and was he elated to find that he was the second name in Slotland's random drawing, thus earning him a $1,000 bonus to his account!

His well-deserved bonus was granted on March 3, 2003; on March 4, 2003, while playing maximum bets at Jacks or Better, he was shocked to see a royal flush dealt out to him! "I have had some nice wins in the past," FACTOROF2 says, "but I have also had some rough times at Slotland. I felt SO lucky winning that $1,000 random draw, and I told myself I should really go for it all this time around!" And did he go for it!

It was not a smooth trip to riches, but it was a worthwhile trip for FACTOROF2. "At one point, my $1,000 shrank to below $500! I began doubting myself, wondering if I should just cash in now and walk away a small winner. I then decided that if I fell to $300, I would cash out, as I was originally hoping to win only the $300 random draw. Well, perhaps that was just the pause I needed; I decided to go over to Jacks or Better (which I love at Slotland), and give it a few tries. My first hand seemed to be telling me that I made the right decision; on a maximum bet, I hit a Full House for a nice win of $90! I then had a few small hands of winners and losers, and then again hit a nice streak of a Flush, then a Straight, and then another Full House! I was having so much fun... it is so great when you are on a winning streak like this."

"My bankroll had nicely increased back up to $700 by then. I was feeling SO confident that I think if you put a gun to my head, I still would not have stopped playing!" It didn't take many more deals for this player to find himself $69,689 richer! "I stared for about 30 seconds at the hand I was dealt. A Royal Flush in Clubs! I was ready to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, but I didn't need to. The progressive jackpot had reset back to $10,000 and there was my name showing I was the newest jackpot winner at Slotland! Thank you so much, Slotland, for such a great win!"

Source: Slotland

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