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Doyles Room Bad Beat Jackpot Starts The Year Nearing Record Heights.

bad beat doyles

They say it's always better to give than to receive.
Start your New Years resolution off right and let your opponent walk away with a win at any of Doyles Room's bad beat tables while you hold quad 8's or better, and you'll run away with your share of over $154,000 - record-breaking Bad Beat jackpot in the room's history! Pride yourself on taking the bad beat of the year as the largest Bad Beat Jackpot of 2009 continues to gain speed and value every day.

Bad Beat Tables can be easily found in the game lobby under Cash Games/Bad Beat. Bad Beat poker tables also have the prefix of BB- before the table name.

Ever been beaten while holding an amazing hand? It never gets any easier. But Doyles Room is going to give you a break. If you are beaten while holding Four of a Kind, 8's or better, the Bad Beat jackpot kicks and your bad luck suddenly turns to gold. You can't lose if you are playing at the special BB tables.

Bad Beat Jackpot Payout Table
70% is distributed as winnings, of which:

50% to the losing hand, the Bad Beat
25% to the winner of the hand
25% evenly split between the other Players who actively participated in the hand.

Of the remaining 30%:

Two-thirds is used to seed the next BB Jackpot
One-third is collected for administration.

Other terms.
4 or more players must be dealt into the hand. The hand must be raked and the Jackpot contribution is collected from the hand. The best hand of the winner and the loser must include both the hole cards. The hand must go to a showdown. Players can qualify for the table share of the Jackpot if they were dealt into the hand but folded before the showdown.

110% Deposit Bonus
Get a 110% match bonus up to an amazing $550 free on your first deposit at Doyles Room. It's probably the best bonus in online poker right now.

Doyles Room $5,000 Launch Party Freeroll
This Saturday, get your share of a totally free $5,000 prize pool. DoylesRoom is back and ALL players are welcome! DoylesRoom welcomes you to its brand new poker network with all new table design, bigger guarantees and better rewards than ever before. Once a month, play in DoylesRoom's giant $250,000 or weekly $100,000 guaranteed tournament that you can satellite to absolutely free using the new rewards currency, Gold Chips! Join DoylesRoom.

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