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Are You A Donkey? Then Get Your Entry Into A Big Guaranteed Absolute Poker Tourney.

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Your poker buddies tease you. Your tablemates berate you. You are, at least according to them, the epitome of a donkey. But today, the joke is on your so-called pals. Now, playing like a donkey can net you an entry into one of Absolute Poker room's big tournaments. Intrigued? Discover Top 5 Donkey list on the Absolute Poker website and then tell AP your worst donkey move. If it's their favorite, you can rub this win in their non-donkey faces.

Poker players love to find names for inexperienced players and plays. The one that has stood the test of time is donkey. We've all been called one. Sometimes it's because we've made a stupid move. Other times, the poker slur is uttered out of frustration after a devastating loss.

Absolute Poker does not like to make judgments based on different styles of playing poker. But that didn't stop them from putting together a "Top 5 Signs You Could Be a Donkey" list.

Top 5 Signs You Could Be a Donkey:
1. You think runner-runner is a good draw.
2. You raise with A2 in early position, because it's suited
3. You think only losing $100 is a "good night".
4. You think 2 hearts in your hand and one on the flop applies to implied odds
5. You think a bad beat is when your 97 hits top pair on the board and then you lose to a turned Ace when the other player had AK.

Like we said, we aren't here to judge. But Absulute Poker is giving away tournament entries to players who submit the best ideas. Take a minute, think of your own best donkey play, or one played against you, and send it to The winning submission will receive an entry into an upcoming big guaranteed tournament at Absolute Poker (with $150k, $100k or $75k prize pool).

Bad Beat Jackpot

It was a profitable weekend for several Texas Hold'em fans after two online poker players hit Absolute Poker's Bad beat Jackpot within a span of 48 hours, resulting in jackpots totaling $720,499.82.

In case you've been living under a rock for the last 4 months, let us refresh your memory. We're paying poker players for their losing hands. The next player to lose a Texas Hold'em hand holding at least four 8s or anything better will pop the next Bad beat Jackpot (a great portion of it plus other players on the BB table will also be rewarded). And it's growing by a few thousand bucks every hour. If you're wondering how much money you could make at Absolute Poker this weekend, jump in this imaginary time machine - play at special Bad Beat Jackpot poker tables.

First Time Deposit Bonus

To be profitable at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables, you need to put some cash in your AP player account. If you do so now, you'll earn a 100% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $500. Download free AP software by following the link below and use bonus code AP500 in the cashier window (of AP software) to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Source: Absolute Poker

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