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Playing In A Six-Handed $10-$20 Hold'em Poker - Up And Down And A Royal Flush.

krieger "I had a very uneventful week playing online poker. One step forward, one step back. I'd win one day only to lose the next and was never ahead or behind more than $400. I wound up the week minus $125, but I did manage to turn a royal flush, my first in a long time."

Lou Krieger, the author of several popular poker books (including Poker For Dummies) and 100's of poker articles in Card Player Magazine, and the host of Royal Vegas Poker wrote this article about his recent online poker experience. He continued:

I was playing in a six-handed $10-$20 hold'em game on Royal Vegas Poker and was dealt Kd-Td in the big blind. One player called, the button raised, the small blind folded and I called the button's raise, since I was getting more than 5-to-1 on my money. The flop was Ad-Qd-4c. It was checked around to the button, and he bet. I called, as did the player to my left. I was hoping for any diamond, or any other jack, when the Jd popped right up on the turn. This was an aggressive, six-handed game, so I came out betting on the turn in hopes that either or both my opponents would think I was representing a flush that I didn't really have.

The guy to my left called (he was suspicious, but not enough to raise me) but the button raised. Now I reraised, which dropped the guy to my left who was caught in the middle. The button called, and also called my bet on the river when an inconsequential rag fell. The button typed, "NH; I had Q-Q." If he really did have a pocket pair of queens and flopped a set of them, I can only wish that the river card was the case queen or otherwise paired the board, because we'd probably still be raising if he did.

This was the first royal I made in well over a year. It's always fun to make the ultimate hand, although in truth, whenever a hand this big is made, there's usually not enough left to go around so the pots tend to be small because no one else generally has much of a hand. I'd love to make a royal flush when someone else makes an ace-high flush or a full-house, but I've never been that fortunate.

Source: Lou Krieger's Blog

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