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Absolute Dream Package Winner And Other Promotions At Absolute Poker.

What does it feel like to strike gold? Just ask Absolute Poker player MCBILL, a Montana resident who conquered 572 other poker players to take down the Absolute Dream Package final event last Sunday. For his victory, MCBILL has secured a prize package that grants him access to over $100 million in poker tourney prize pools. We're not kidding.

Less than 24 hours after awarding the 5th Absolute Dream Package to MCBILL, Absolute Poker team has prepped the final table for #6. And best of all, there is also a seat for you. The main event gets underway on December 16th and qualifiers are on right now so enter as soon as you're done reading this story.

Introducing 21 new ways to win gadgets and cash. Absolute Poker ig giving away iPod nanos, Nintendo Wii consoles and lots of bonus cash in their new Blackjack Lottery. If you love toys and money, you're going to love this promotion.

Once you've finished absorbing all the opportunities to win like a champion this weekend, head over to Absolute Poker's cashier and put some cash in your account. For a limited time, you'll earn a 100% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $500. Use code AP500 in the cashier window to score the bonus. Visit Deposit Page in Absolute Poker's software for complete details.

Do you remember, about 60 seconds ago, how we briefly mentioned Absolute Poker's latest Dream Package winner? Well, MCBILL wasn't just lucky. The Texas Hold'em champ took down the latest Dream Package tournament and gives some inspiring advice to help you become the next winner... MCBILL comes from a different generation of poker, he started almost 10 years. From the very beginning, MCBILL was hooked on poker. His first real win came in college when he played a 5/10 game and took home $700. From there to here he has studied the art of cards and has become a very successful high limit cash game player. MCBILL has played in WPT and the WSOP over the years but credits himself to be a better cash player. Cash or tournament play, MCBILL brings confidence to the table.

When asked when he thought he had a chance to win it, he replied, "Honestly the moment I signed up or I wouldn't have played. However, whenever you play a tournament you have to have everything fall in place to win, and during this tournament I felt I had a better than average chance to win with about 40 players left. I was doing well, playing well, and not running into any unexpected trouble". MCBILL says he plays a very patient and observant hold'em game. When he thinks he has the advantage, he likes to make decisions as tough as possible for his opponents.

Like all poker players, his start to poker wasn't all glory and money. It took MCBILL 3 years to become a winning player. "Like most people, I always thought I was a winner, and I had a friend tell me to start keeping records. 5 months later it was hard to lie to myself and the records, so I became a student of poker, paid attention, read every book, and watched the wins come in".

The 2007 Aruba Poker Classic may be over, but one Absolute Poker player is still raving about his incredible week in paradise. Click here to find out what THEBOMBBABY, the first Absolute Dream Package winner, has to say about living the dream in Aruba, "Absolute Poker and UB held a great tournament with a real nice turnout and big prize pool!! CONGRATS to Nick Blackburn from Ohio who was at my table day 2, and finished 4th and congrats to the winner, Travis. Have fun with that $800,000. Aruba is a paradise. If you go there for a vacation, take a lot of spending money, or stay at an all-inclusive. Maybe it's just me, but where I'm from a beer is $2 to $2.50 and a nice dinner is $50. It's triple down there. Unless you go off the resort, then everything's cheaper. However, the beach and sand are priceless and Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker throw some monster parties..."

Source: Absolute Poker

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